To thank you for spreading the word about our Kickstarter Project, we would like to reward you for each person bring to the party!

Just share your referral link with your friends, and we will give you a credit via Backerkit.

Refer 2 - 4 people - receive a $10 credit

Refer 5 - 9 people - receive a $35 credit

Refer 10 or more people - receive a Walnut and Leather dice tray OR an $80 credit.

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Referral Bonus Rules and Terms.

By using your referral link, we will count how many people that use your link who also back our project. We will reward you based on how many backers you refer.


  1. You must back our project in order to be eligible for these rewards.
  2. Referral bonuses are based on the reporting of backers that support our project, who arrived at Kickstarter by using your specific referral link. Only backers reported by this automated system will count toward your rewards.
  3. We are not responsible for unreported referrals and are unable to add referrals that are not automatically counted. The number of referrals reported by the automated system is final. No exceptions.
  4. Any attempt to create fraudulent referrals will result in the disqualification of ALL referrals by the offending referral link.
  5. Any backers who are referred who later withdraw their backing will not be counted.
  6. Bonuses are shipped along with your other items from the campaign.